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  •   Android: 2 - 3 Months Practical Classes
  •  Advanced Android: 3 Months Practical Classes
  •  In Class, You Get In-Depth Programming Knowledge on each Topic
  •  Weekdays Classes : Morning and Evening Sessions
  •  Weekend Classes, Flexible Timings.
  •  Location: Courses are run in training centres (Lucknow, kanpur, Bhubaneswar and Kolkata)
  •  Can be on-site at client locations (Corporate Training)
  •  Latest and Update Course Contents as per corporate standards.
  •  ONE-to-ONE Tuitions to make Students Android Experts


  •  : Basic UI design ANDROID
  •  : Application Structure (in detail)
  •  : Introduction to Android
  •  Tabs and Tab Activity
  •   Styles & Themes
  •  Web Services
  •  Content Providers

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Android training is delivered by a India's No.1 Master having more than 10+ Years of experience working in MNC Company. Faculty gives Practical Knowledge training which helps students get jobs in MNC's, Mid and small Size IT Companies on Java Technologies. He has trained more than thousands of Students (Classroom, Online and Corporates) with Excellent Feedback.

Instructor is SUN Java Certified Professional and Highly Experienced in Web Application Development, Designing, Testing and Support using Java technology Hands on experience in core Java and ability to develop creative solutions for complex problems Working with Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlet, MySQL, Web Services, REST, XML, Java Scripts and HTML Extensive experience in developing various web based applications using JSP, Servlet, JavaScript, Jquery, Struts, Object Oriented Development OOPS .

Instructor is SUN Java Certified Professional

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Important Android topics must learn for better job Oppurtunities

: Content Providers

Content Providers

o SQLite Programming
o SQLiteOpenHelper
o SQLiteDatabse
o Cursor
o Reading and updating Contacts
o Reading bookmarks

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Basic UI design

Android UI

o Form widget
o Text Fields
o Layouts
o [dip, dp, sip, sp] versus px

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: Emulator-Android

: Emulator-Android

o Launching emulator
o Editing emulator settings
o Emulator shortcuts
o Logcat usage
o Introduction to DDMS
o Second App:- (switching between activities)

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Application Structure

Android Application Structure

o AndroidManifest.xml
o uses-permission & uses-sdk
o Resources &
o Assets
o Layouts & Drawable Resources
o Activities and Activity lifecycle
o First sample Application

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Intro to Android

Android Into

o What is Android?
o Setting up development environment
o Dalvik Virtual Machine & .apk file extension
o Fundamentals:
a. Basic Building blocks - Activities,Services,Broadcast Receivers & Content providers
b. UI Components - Views & notifications
c. Components for communication -Intents & Intent Filters
o Android API levels (versions & version names)

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JAVA Concepts

Java For Android

o OOPs Concepts
o Inheritance in detail
o Exception handling
o Packages & interfaces
o JVM & .jar file extension
o Multi threading (Thread class & Runnable Interface)

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Best Android training center is now in Kanpur , Lucknow, Bhubaneswar

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Complete Android course content

  • . Android introduction and its history
  • Licensing
  • Android architecture
  • . Android features
  • Android initializing process
  • Activities
  • Views, View hierarchy, and View groups
  • UI
  • Dialogs
  • Applying styles and themes to UI
  • . Adapter views
  • Services
  • Data storage
  • Content providers
  • Intents, Intent filters
  • broadcast receivers
  • Alarms manager & Pending intents
  • Saving activity states(Seamlessness of application)
  • Process & Threads
  • Threads & Async task
  • Securities & permissions
  • Services – extended
  • Android Graphics (2D, Animations)
  • Media Framework
  • How to use other system services

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